Top 10 Alternate Mascots

Before you condemn me for making such a blasphemous list, let’s get a few things straight. I love our mascot. The Nittany Lion is a superb beast that represents our establishment of higher learning with regality — a true “symbol of our best.”

I merely wanted to explore other alternatives. At the very least, this will generate some conversations about other mascots. And if the Nittany Lion somehow becomes extinct in the near future, maybe this list will be utilized as some sort of “jumping off point.”

Here’s what I’m thinking:

10. Panther
Just kidding.

 9. Falcon 
I need to admit that I hail from a high school that had the Falcon as its mascot. After four years, you fall in love with your high school mascot, and it stays with you. I also think that “falcon” just sounds sweet.

8. Ruffed Grouse
In case you didn’t learn this in grade school, the ruffed grouse is Pennsylvania’s state bird. That’s really the only reason I’m showing it some love on this list.

7. Rattlesnake
I’m not one for reptiles, but these things mean business. If you mess with a rattlesnake, there better be a hospital nearby. “The Penn State Rattlesnakes” has a nice ring to it.

6. Piranha
These little fellas are vicious. I realize that the logo might not be the best looking option, but there’s still time to work it out. Plus, I would love to see how a Piranha would execute a one-armed pushup.

5. Grizzly Bear
Big. Powerful. Intimidating. And still somewhat cute.

4. Coyote
I’ve always found coyotes to be intriguing. They howl at the moon. They really enjoy using ACME explosives. Most importantly, they travel in packs like everyone on this campus because, let’s face it…we’re family.

3. Hyena
Okay, so those hyenas from the “Lion King” scared me a little bit too, but I love the name. “Hyena.” It sounds ferocious.

2. Rhino
They are so solidly built, essentially a big ball of muscle. If a big Rhino charges at you, odds are you’re going to move. And that horn…wow. It’s like a fatter, more badass version of a unicorn, and it’s real.

1. Cougar
I feel as though a cougar would be a smooth transition from a nittany lion. Perhaps we could even save some money and keep the “roar” soundbite. “The PSU Cougars.” Very classy.

As I wrote earlier, I love our mascot. “Hail to the Lion” indeed. But if this list got your hungover brain thinking, then post a comment below and let us know what alternate mascot you would support. Just for laughs, of course.

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