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Day: April 17, 2012

Rodney Erickson Has Questions To Answer

As part of his pledge for transparency, President Rodney Erickson will host his second Town Hall Forum today at 4:30 in the HUB Auditorium. The event will also be live streamed.

This event comes a day after it was announced -- not surprisingly -- that President Erickson was served a subpoena to testify before a state grand jury investigating the allegations of sexual abuse against Jerry Sandusky.

How to Make Healthy Choices in the Dining Halls

As an on-campus student, I find myself eating at dining halls more often than not. One thing I hear fellow students complain about is the lack of healthy food options in the dining halls. However, as a frequent patron of the commons, I disagree. The problem isn't that the commons don't serve healthy food, it’s that students tend to make unhealthy choices. As a student who has avoided the dreaded freshman 15 in my first year, here are my tips to eating healthy on-campus.

Guster Gets Personal at The State Theatre

Despite two decades of musical expertise and a stage loaded with pianos, string instruments, and drums; the spotlight was on the crowd last night at The State Theatre. Guster, a cult hit in the alternative scene, performed a stripped down, intimate acoustic performance where the the audience wasn't just passive consumers of the band's breed of bluesy jams, but a co-conspirator, guiding the night with requests from tweets, shouts and a "fish bowl."

Meet the New THON Overalls: SL, Tech

As THON 2013 takes its first steps, I compiled a little background information on each of the overalls. Over the course of the next few days, you will get a chance to learn a little bit about each member. Today features Supply Logistics and Technology.

Blue-White Game Preview: New Faces and Unfamiliar Places

Often thought of as a "tease", Saturday's Blue-White game has the potential to be a little more exciting and significant than usual. Bill O'Brien will be walking the Beaver Stadium sidelines for the first time, and with a limited number of summer practices to implement his system, it is likely that this game will be a little more serious than your typical spring "glorified scrimmage."

Bar Wars: Cafe 210 vs. Mad Mex

This week's competition is between the two most well-known outdoor patio bars in State College: Cafe 210 West and Mad Mex. Let's be honest, when it's 75 degrees and sunny outside, there are few things better than (legally) drinking outside. The two downtown establishments with the largest outdoor seating areas are Cafe 210 West and Mad Mex. Both of these places have large patios which are perfect for soaking in the sun and downing a few choice beverages. Let the battle begin.

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