New State College Initiative to Benefit THON

According to an email sent by the Borough of State College Parking Department, a new initiative to raise money for THON will begin today. The borough has installed four of six parking “meters” painted by local THON children at various places in the State College area. However, these meters aren’t for your typical parking use, they have been placed with the sole purpose of raising funds for THON. 100% of the money raised by the meters will be donated directly to THON.

Four of the six meters have been posted today, the other two are expected to be installed next week.

Here are the six meter locations:

1. In front of  Moyer Jewelers (Southeast corner of College Ave and Allen St), on the light post where the cross walk buttons are located.

2. In the Pugh Street Parking Garage by the elevators and pay machines (hint – those machines give out lots of change).

3. In the Fraser Street Parking Garage by the elevator near the entrance of the garage.

4. In Sidney Freidman Park on the stage post by the lower sidewalk.

5. Inside Rotelli Restaurant located in 250 E Calder Way (coming soon).

6. Inside Dix Honda Service Area (coming soon).

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