PSUACB Creator Gets Last Laugh

Remember CollegeACB, the Anonymous Confession Board that once tried to guide you through the tiers of frats and multitudes of frat stars and slam pieces?

The site tweets at @PSUACB too.

Well, the idea came back recently as But just as everything was falling back into place, the site’s creator pulled a fast one and revealed many of the identities of commenters on the site. JOKES ON YOU BITCHES. Hats off to the guy/girl who made it, because this is awesome.

The site reads:

Fooled you. 90% of this website was me having bullshit conversations with myself. Still, thousands of people read it. Almost every thread on this site received at least 1000 views and I’ve been raking in advertising money.

Even better, PSUacb was not anonymous. I tracked the user behind every post. Here is the list of people identified so far, as well as the search history for the site. More to come :)

Please address all questions, comments, and hate mail to [email protected]

Moral of the story: Grow the fuck up and stop talking shit on the Internet.

I’m eager to see what else this genius has up his or her sleeve.

Do you have thoughts on the Anonymous Confession Board trend? Let us know in the comments!

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