Day: May 8, 2012

Board of Trustees: Where To Go From Here

The results of the alumni Board of Trustees election, announced last Friday at the monthly meeting in the Nittany Lion Inn, were anything but surprising.

Former Penn State football player Adam Taliaferro, widely seen as the front-runner throughout the campaign, predictably garnered 15,629 votes, appearing on just under 42% of the ballots. The always-outspoken Anthony Lubrano wasn't far behind with 10,096 votes, and the third and final winner, retired Navy SEAL Ryan McCombie, finished with 4,806 votes.

So what does this mean for Penn State?

Hecklers Should Stop Disrupting Graduation

Ah, graduation. A time for pomp, circumstance, and reverence. I had the opportunity to attend two ceremonies this weekend to wish friends farewell. There, I encountered deliberate efforts to kill the solemnity of commencement. Even though the announcers asked for the audience to be silent so that all the parents could hear their children’s names called, the requests were duly ignored. Read more about our writer's experience after the jump.