Wings Over to Move to Hamilton Square Plaza

Despite rumors that the beloved mass distributor of sauce-drenched chicken fingers, Wings Over Happy Valley, was closing for good, the local favorite for late night delivery will be continuing business from a new location at the Hamilton Square Plaza.

They’ll be starting their move as early as next month and will be totally vacated from their Westerly Parkway Plaza location by August 1st.

Though they’ll be nuzzled next to two other State College staples, Beer Bellies and the Liquor store, @WOHV didn’t make the short move closer to downtown to increase pick-up sales. According to the owner, Steve Moreira, he still foresees most of the stores profits coming from the ubiquitous Wings Over delivery drivers trekking all across Happy Valley to make their signature snappy drop offs at dorm rooms and apartments full of drunk people.

Moreira cited the culprit behind Wings Over’s relocation as one of those pesky real estate agents giving well profiting businesses the boot. Though he didn’t give any specific reasons for the termination of his lease with Westerly Parkway Plaza, Moreira was clear that Wings Over isn’t moving on their own will, but instead getting a not-so-loving shoo out the door.

Either the real estate owner is just a huge jerk like the rest of State College profiteers or Westerly Parkway Plaza would rather open up another thrift store than have devilishly delicious hot wings making the air over Westerly smell like hot sauce, French fires, and freedom.

But regardless, Wings Over will thrive despite the new location (and the malice of those god damn real estate owners). You can order a hang glider in celebration now.

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