Jury Set: Sandusky Trial to Begin Monday Morning

A full jury of Centre County residents (six men and ten women) has been chosen in only two days of jury selection. Here is some background information on the known jurors:

Juror #1 –  A middle-aged Caucasian woman. Works at Walmart, mother of two.

Juror #2 – A 24 year old male student. His father worked for Penn State.

Juror #3 – A middle-aged woman, had Penn State season tickets since the 1970s. Her husband also works in John McQueary’s (Mike McQueary’s father) former medical practice.

Juror #4 – A middle-aged white male who is an engineer from State College.

Juror #5 – A 2003 Penn State graduate and a male science teacher at Bellefonte Area High school.

Juror #6 – A Caucasian female in her 20′s who “doesn’t watch news or know anything about this case at all.”

Juror #7 – A Penn State senior. He was wearing a Penn State archery t-shirt in court yesterday. He works at an athletic facility on campus and had a cousin on the football team.

Juror #8 –  A Caucasian male in his late 60′s or early 70′s. He is a retired Penn State professor.

Juror #9 – A Caucasian female in her 70′s. She is a retired school bus driver who wants to “help kids.”

Juror #10 – A Caucasian female in her 50s with light brown hair, works for Penn State as an administrative assistant.

Juror #11 – A female in her 30s, dance instructor at PSU with young son. She said yes when Amendola asked if she “realizes children don’t always tell the truth.”

Juror #12 – A white female in her 50s or 60s, PSU professor of 24 years. Worked on a committee for six years with Graham Spanier and Rodney Erickson. She has sons ages 14 and 16. Jerry Sandusky gave her commencement speech.

Juror #13 (Alternate Juror #1) – A woman in her 30s, graduated from Penn State in 2007.

Juror #14 (Alternate Juror #2) – A middle-aged Caucasian woman, unmarried. She says she does not follow news closely.

Juror #15 (Alternate Juror #3) – A male in his 50s. Graduated from Penn State and frequently attends PSU football games. He smiled when Jerry Sandusky entered the room.

Juror #16 (Alternate  Juror #4) – A woman in her 60s. Says she does not believe some things mentioned in media. She also said she believes in “innocent until proven guilty.”

The jury contains eight people that have direct ties (work/worked for, attends/attended) to Penn State. The 16 were selected from only two groups of 40 potential jurors. The trial will begin Monday morning at the Centre County Courthouse at 9:00 a.m.

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