Victim 4 Cross-Examined [Graphic Language]

After a short recess for technical difficulties, Victim 4 continued to be questioned by Joe McGettigan. More of Sandusky’s love letters were shown on a projector, including one where he says, “I pretend many things, but I can’t pretend my feelings for you.” Other letters were also shown where Sandusky speaks in the third person, saying “Jerry became attatched to [Victim 4] and always will be.”

Victim 4 says that two years ago, his girlfriend of five years became suspicious of his former relationship with Sandusky, as rumors were circulating about the abuse. Victim 4 denied these allegations, and insisted on taking his girlfriend to meet Sandusky to prove that their relationship was “normal.” However, that ended up backfiring, as Sandusky was overly-touchy during their meeting.

When asked if he was involved in the 2003 investigation, Victim 4 said, “No, and I don’t even want to be involved now, to be honest.”

The prosecution then yielded to Joe Amendola and the defense for further questioning. Amendola began his questioning by digging into Victim 4’s personal life, and personal struggles that he may have had as a youngster. Amendola alluded to Victim 4 having a reputation for “lying a lot.”

Amendola then delved into the intricacies and specific dates of the alleged abuse. Victim 4’s testimony was consistent with his initial statements. Amendola then tried to figure out why Victim 4 continued to see Sandusky even though abuse was occuring.”You gotta realize that I never got any of these things in life,” Victim 4 said. “I didn’t want to lose that. I looked up to Jerry like a father-figure. He was nice to me, other than those instances.”

Victim 4 also cited the fact that he didn’t want to be “picked on” for being abused. He also said that he “couldn’t actually believe it was happening.”

Victim 4 says that he feels extreme remorse for not coming forward sooner, however. “If I was the only one [being abused], I wouldn’t be here. But I find out that this is happening over and over and over again — forever — and if I had just said something back then, none of the victims after me would have happened. I feel responsible for the other victims.”

It was only a year ago when Victim 4 found out that Sandusky was being investigated for molesting boys. He said that his dad called him and said, “Hey, your buddy Jerry is in trouble.” Victim 4 responded, “I’m not surprised.”

It was then that his father knew what had been going on for years, and he instructed his son to get a lawyer. When Victim 4 refused, his father found a lawyer for him, although Victim 4 didn’t say anything about the abuse initially.

Victim 4 didn’t admit the abuse to anyone until a Grand Jury requested him to testify. He said, “I know a lot of things that are going on, but I really don’t want to talk to you guys about it.”

A 20 minute recess was then called, but not before Judge Cleland made some jokes about the lack of air conditioning in the courtroom. Cleland also says he expects testimony to end by 5 p.m.

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