McQueary Concludes Testimony, Victim One Wrestling Coach Follows

McQueary continued to be pressed by Karl Rominger, another attorney representing Sandusky, who tried to find holes in his testimony.

Rominger asked McQueary if he was sure he had seen sex that night in the shower. The ambiguity of what McQueary told people he saw has been at the forefront of the case — and although it is clear McQueary says he saw something sexual — it’s unclear if there was actual insertion. As McQueary described it, “[I saw an] extremely sexual position — I just want to make that clear — extremely sexual position.”

“I cannot be 100% sure it was sex…I did not see a penis erect. But it was something extremely sexual,” McQueary said. “If I was is in a frat house, and walked into a brother’s room, and saw him on top of a female and heard slapping noises, I would walk out and say, ‘Oh, I just saw them having sex.’ even if I didn’t see insertion. It was sex.”

Rominger also asked McQueary about his involvement with Sandusky after the incident. McQueary said, “I haven’t played The Second Mile Golf Tournament in years because of what I saw.” McQueary says the last time he played was 2001, although Rominger implied that he had evidence that McQueary played in 2004, although it was never presented.

McQueary also said, “I want to be a football coach at Penn State University — I don’t think I did anything wrong to lose that job.” He later said, “I kept my job because I was a good football coach, not because of what I knew.”

The next witness was the high school wrestling coach of Victim 1. The coach says that on one evening after wrestling practice, his son realized that he forgot some of his gear back at the school. When he went back to the school to retrieve the equipment, he noticed a light on in a wrestling room.

Upon entering the wrestling room, he says that he saw Sandusky on top of Victim 1. “Jerry propped himself up on one arm,” the coach said. “He said, ‘Hey coach, I’m just working on some wrestling moves!'”

“I didn’t think anything of it at the time,” the coach said. “I thought, ‘He’s Jerry Sandusky. He’s a saint. What he’s doing with these kids — it’s fantastic.'”

The coach admitted that Victim 1 and Sandusky were definitely startled when he walked in, but that he didn’t see it as a big deal, and he didn’t discuss it with anyone, including his wife.

Court was then adjourned earlier than normal, as the next witness is expected to deliver a lengthy testimony. Proceedings will resume again tomorrow at 9 a.m.

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