Day: June 19, 2012

Dottie Sandusky Called to Testify

Following Dr. Atkin's testimony, Jerry Sandusky's wife of 45-years Dottie took the stand. Amendola began by questioning her about the time constraints that came with being a Penn State football coach, and the frequency of the visits of Second Mile children to their home and on trips. Mrs. Sandusky said that the sleepovers were more frequent during football season.

Victim 1’s Mother, Psychologist Testify

Former Penn State wrestler James Martin was the first witness to testify after lunch recess. He says that he and Sandusky became "very good friends" because the football and wrestling teams lifted weights in the same room. Martin says that when he was in medical school, he stayed over at his house for a month for a residency.

Investigators, Civil Attorney Testify

Following a short recess, Joe Amendola played another defense angle, as he tried to prove that some of the accusers are in it for money.

Character Witnesses Testify on Day Six

Day six of the Jerry Sandusky trial got underway with Joe Amendola calling a slew of character witnesses to testify, asking them only a few brief questions about Sandusky's historically stellar reputation.

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