The Prosecution Delivers Closing Remarks

Following the defense’s remarks and a short recess, head prosecutor Joe McGettigan delivered the closing remarks for the Commonwealth — laced with sarcasm and indignation directed at the defense.

McGettigan began his remarks with a slide projected on a screen, which read:

The Defense

    1. Admit what you must.
    2. Deny what you can.
    3. Call everyone a liar.
    4. Make counter charges.
    5. Allege a conspiracy.

“Is any of this not familiar to you?” McGettigan asked.

McGettigan continued by saying that the defense believes there is some vast conspiracy against Sandusky. “If there is a conspiracy, it involves enough people to fill this jury box — it involves time travel as well,” McGettigan said amusingly.

“This is their grand conspiracy. It requires everyone here to be fooled, or corrupt, or in this together,” McGettigan continued. “Mike McQueary, he must be part of the conspiracy too. Bring us all along. Lock us all up. Lock up the lawyers, lock up the victims. We all must’ve been part of this grand conspiracy.”

McGettigan put pictures of all eight victims on the projector, and said “Remember, this is about them. This is about these boys. This is about not just the known boys, but the ones who didn’t come forward too.”

“The defense counsel almost never asked about a specific event — a specific sexual event in this case. They asked about things and places,” McGettigan said. “Not once did they ask a victim about a specific instance.”

McGettigan said, “I was a little taken back” at Dick Anderson’s testimony that said he showered with young boys.

“Something these victims all shared in common — fatherless,” McGettigan continued. “He was preying on them because they were the most vulnerable.”

McGettigan then went through a narrative of each victim as he did in his opening statement, seamlessly describing the incidences each one alleges. “This is coming at the expense of a child,” he said. “That’s really what’s going on here. You saw the acts of a predatory pedophile.”

“The Pennsylvania State University is not on trial here. Neither is the Second Mile. They’re merely context. This is the act of one sick, disturbed man,” McGettigan said. “It’s just sad…it’s cruel.”

McGettigan then addressed Mike McQueary’s testimony regarding Victim 2. “Can you imagine the sheer shock he must’ve experienced?” McGettigan asked. “Mr. McQueary has been characterized as a liar, sometimes people say he’s misunderstood. You have to think about what happened to him that night. Joe Paterno was the go-to guy, God rest his soul, and he would know what to do.”

The Bob Costas interview was also addressed. “If I was asked if I was sexually attracted to young boys, I would immediately say no,” McGettigan said. “Oh, I just enjoy young boys. That makes sense,” he continued sarcastically.

“I think during the course of this case…you saw the story of a serial pedophile who went after the most vulnerable kids, kids in need,” McGettigan said.

McGettigan then carefully walked over behind Sandusky at the defense table, mere inches from his slouched figure, looked at the jury, and said, “He molested, abused, and hurt the children. He knows he did it. And you know he did it. Acknowledge it. Give them justice. Give him the justice that he really deserves.”

And with that, the jury began deliberation at 1:12 p.m.

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