Sandusky Still Receiving Pension in Prison

Just because he’s in jail, doesn’t mean he isn’t keeping his cash.

According to ABC27, Jerry Sandusky will continue to rake in his state pension of over $59,000 per year while he sits in the Centre County correctional facility.

Under Pennsylvania law, a former state employee can only lose their pension if they are convicted of certain crimes contained in Act 140. The legislature lists legal offenses, such as theft, perjury, and tampering, but it does not include violent convictions such as child sexual abuse.

What did a PA legislator have to say about allowing a serial child predator to receive his taxpayer-funded pension?

“I was not that familiar with Act 140… As it’s written per se, he would be able to get his pension,” said Pennsylvania Senator Michael Folmer.

Although Pennsylvania residents will be funding both his lucrative pension and his incarceration, don’t fret. Sandusky’s pension will be viewed as an asset that he’ll likely lose in the dozens of expected civil cases against him.

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