Day: July 2, 2012

Paterno Family Asks for Emails to Be Released

A lawyer has released yet another statement on behalf of the Paterno family, this time calling for the Freeh Group and the PA Attorney General to release emails and records relating to the current investigation. The statement stems from recent criticism of Joe Paterno following a leak of certain emails from Penn State administrators that mention Paterno as being part of the discussion to not report the 2001 Sandusky incident.

#MusicMonday by Maserati Mo

From the same Nittany Lion-bred songmanship that brought us the Penn State jam, "White and Blue," comes a new PSU pride rap track by former football player, Maserati Mo, titled "Bleed Blue"-- just in time for Music Monday.

Your Favorite Penn State Football Moments, Elite 8

Our readers have voted, and we are down to the Elite Eight moments of the final ten years of the Joe Paterno era of Penn State football. Vote again to send your favorites on to the Final Four!

The Five Types of RAs

Freedom, they believe, is theirs. And so it may be...depending who their RA is for the coming semester. A resident assistant can make or break the It's-My-College-Experience-and-I'll-Do-What-I-Damn-Well-Want dream. Here are the five types of RA's that I've found to be most common.