Day: July 16, 2012

Paternoville Changes Name to Nittanyville

Because of the revelations in the Freeh report about Joe Paterno's role in the failure to report sexual abuse crimes by Jerry Sandusky, the Paternoville (now Nittanyville) Coordination Committee released a statement on their website announcing the name change of the tent village that sets up before every game at Beaver Stadium.

Instead of We Are, How About I Am

The ritualism, sanctity and dictator-like reverence of the Nittany Lions is now not only on display, but on trial. And as our eyes are opened to the conspiracy and direct abuse of power within the administration, Penn State's flaws have become unearthed as well. Read more about how the university's culture is in need of change after the release of the Freeh Report after the jump.

Arts Fest 2012 Comes to a Close


Rapper Marc-Jean Releases “Run This Town” Remix

Although he's been writing raps and poetry since 8th grade, Marc-Jean began his rapping career in high school, when he started making up raps in his head on the way to school. One night at a house party he rapped over the music playing for 3 hours while people kept yelling topics at him. Afterwards, someone told him to take his career to the next level, and he began recording the next weekend.

University To Renovate Lasch Building Showers

Penn State has officially announced that they intend to renovate the Lasch building showers and locker rooms as soon as possible. There is no doubt as to the reasoning behind the future renovations, as university spokesman David La Torre said bluntly that this comes as a direct result of the child sexual abuse that took place in the building at the hands of Jerry Sandusky.

Erickson: “I promise you, we will learn from our past”

Penn State President Rodney Erickson has issued a statement to all students and faculty via mass email titled "Moving forward from the Freeh Report".

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