Day: July 18, 2012

NCAA Football Sanctions Aren’t Justified

The argument that the Penn State football team needs to be sanctioned by the NCAA to eliminate a dangerous football culture has been repeated over and over again since the Freeh report was released last week. But that culture wasn't the issue that led to Sandusky's continued child sexual abuse. It was the unethical actions of four men and only four men that let that happen, and that should be handled in a court of law.

GoPSUsports Website Gets Much Needed Redesign, the official website of the Penn State athletic department, underwent a much neededredesign overhaul yesterday. The new website is much more attractive than the previous attempt, and makes everything a lot easier to find.

Economically, We Need Penn State Football

Millions of people love Penn State football, but for thousands, Penn State football is an economic necessity.

Three Students Camp Out at the Paterno Statue

Three Penn State students decided it would be productive for them to set up a tent by the Paterno statue late Wednesday night, with a sign that said "Protect the Paterno statue."

Who Was the Woman who Stood Up to Joe Paterno?

Despite today’s revisionist history, Vicky Triponey was not a crusader against the Penn State administration's entrenched culture of secrecy. On the contrary, she was its enforcer, and virtually her first act upon assuming her position was to threaten its most vocal critic using the power of the purse.

Joe Paterno’s Legacy and Moving Forward

It would be insensitive for me to claim that the good that Paterno did outweighed the bad. It certainly isn't any solace to all the boys who were abused by Sandusky over the last 14 years after Paterno and the other three let him off the hook. I'm just asking Penn Staters to find a middle ground when trying to explain Paterno's legacy. It is possible to be a good man and make a tragic mistake. But don't make a fool of yourself and try to defend that mistake with the illusion that Paterno is something that he wasn't.