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Day: July 18, 2012

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Dan Myers: Drastic Action Against Penn State Would Cripple Thousands who Played No Role in Sandusky Scandal

A column by President and Publisher Dan Myers on the Freeh report and where Penn State should go from here.

NCAA Football Sanctions Aren’t Justified

The argument that the Penn State football team needs to be sanctioned by the NCAA to eliminate a dangerous football culture has been repeated over and over again since the Freeh report was released last week. But that culture wasn't the issue that led to Sandusky's continued child sexual abuse. It was the unethical actions of four men and only four men that let that happen, and that should be handled in a court of law.

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Learning to Make an Impact

While everyone continues to cast judgments Joe Paterno and what he stood for, while the media speculates about exactly what Joe knew based upon the “findings” of the Freeh report, while people claim Paterno’s legacy is ruined, and while many organizations distance themselves from his name, I will choose to remember Coach Paterno for the impact he had on my life and for making me the man I am today.

GoPSUsports Website Gets Much Needed Redesign, the official website of the Penn State athletic department, underwent a much neededredesign overhaul yesterday. The new website is much more attractive than the previous attempt, and makes everything a lot easier to find.

Economically, We Need Penn State Football

Millions of people love Penn State football, but for thousands, Penn State football is an economic necessity.

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Paternoville Name Change is Unconstitutional

This week, the officers of the PCC decided that they knew what was best for the organization, and that they didn't need to follow the proper protocol to get what they wanted; they would do things their own way. Sound familiar? The officers called a meeting amongst themselves with no notice given to members, and unilaterally made the decision to change the group's name. They immediately went online, changed their constitution and website, and alerted the media. All this without accepting any input from the students who sleep on the concrete every year for football tickets.

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