Panhel Heard Me Roar…

Dear Panhel,

How time flies. It’s only been a week since I last wrote to you, but time sure has flown by!

This morning when I groggily opened my eyes and checked my email on my iPhone, I smiled as I read the Panhellenic update from my sorority President. Chapters and individual members will no longer be penalized, but instead rewarded, for changing their Facebook profile pictures to the sorority logo. Those who still do not want to change their profile pictures will not have to, but are now encouraged to do so.

Monetary fines aside, the more members that change their pictures, the bigger the reward. In addition to being recognized by the Panhellenic Council, chapters will get items from Kiwi, Gumby’s, and other popular food places.

The pictures should be changed by August 18th to start promoting recruitment as the semester approaches. (Where did summer go?) While I agree that this is a better alternative to punishing those that do not, it will still achieve the goal of unity of the chapters and advertising recruitment. Also, shout out to Evan Kalikow for best incorporation of the Sorority Recruitment Logo in his profile picture.

Now I have the choice to change my profile picture without fear of being charged, which is something I never thought I would have to fight for. I tell my parents this all the time, the more they tell me to do something, the least likely I am to do it. I know, I know — changing my profile picture is not the equivalent of cleaning dishes every single night (Thanks Dad), but as many probably feel, I do not like being told what to do in regards to my personal life and social media.

I just want to personally thank the Panhellenic Council for taking my argument into consideration as I was one of many who may not have agreed, but decided to speak out for the benefit of the community as a whole. I also never thought that one person mattered, so I guess I learned a lesson and will finally register to vote.

That is all for now. Excuse me while I try to differentiate my friends since they will all be sporting the bright green logo because we love Pokey Sticks and Kiwi.


Lauren Feinstein

P.S. – If you are an incoming freshman or even a sophomore interested in joining a sorority, visit here to register for 2012 Fall Formal Recruitment.

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