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Parody accounts have been a staple of Twitter from the time the social media medium began to rise in popularity. You can find a parody account of almost anyone or anything, from national accounts like @TheFakeCNN or @PimpBillClinton, to Penn State specific accounts such as @evilbillobrien, @FakeOnwardState, or @GSpanierPSU.

One of the newest Penn State parody accounts on the rise is @AwkwardState. With a modest 429 followers, Awkward State’s first tweet appeared on July 17th and their bio consists of the informative message of “L V U PERN STAT.” Onward State wanted to learn a little bit more about the self-proclaimed #1 fan of Penn State, full of awkward gramatical errors and extreme naivety. Without further adieu, here are ten questions with @AwkwardState.

Onward State: So Awkward State, how long have you attended Penn State?

Awkward State: I don’t actualy go to Pern Stat but no1’s kicked me out yet so..

OS: What is your favorite Creamery flavor?

AS: my flavorite favor is I Don’t Have to Listen 2 You Ur Not My Real Dad Swirl

OS: What are some of your favorite activities to be involved with on the Penn State campus?

AS: My favorit flavor of Activia yogurt is blubberry (bc im sponsored by Activia, im contractually obliged 2 promote there product 8 times per interview (Activia, Activia, Activia, Activia, Activia)

OS: Any tips for incoming freshman?

AS: wen u go out, always cary a pocket of sugar qubes (made out of cockaine) 2 offer to the police whoreses/me. they luv em!

OS: Will you be going to the football games this year?

AS: no

OS: Where are some of your favorite places to go out to on the weekends?

AS: i luv to bring some Naughty Lites to the Bruce Jenner Center and watch the Lady Loins play basketball on wekends

OS: What is your favorite pick up line?

AS: if u wer a pirate, would you keep ur parrot on this shoulder or this boob?

OS: What is the craziest thing that you have ever done?

AS: 1 time I did bathsalts w/ the psu roBOT—ive never touched so many old ppls feet b5 in my life!

OS: Who do you like more: the ducks at the duck pond, the squirrels, or the Willard preacher

AS: the Wilard Peacher bc hes the best at making out (the squirls are biters and the ducks use 2 much tonuge

OS: If you could be a dinosaur, what kind of dinosaur would you be?


The AwkwardState-asauras














Editors note: Onward State does not endorse transporting Naughty Lites into the Bruce Jenner Center.

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