Freeh Report Skeptic Willing to Wager $10,000 on Schultz/Curley’s Innocence

John Ziegler has been a very well-known critic of the Freeh Report. He’s pointed out its flaws, he’s made a (pretty damn hysterical) video about what a Freeh-proclaimed Penn State cover-up would’ve looked like, and now he wants Penn State’s media pundits to put their money where their mouth is.

Ziegler is proposing what he calls a “charity challenge” to the first major media organization that accepts his offer. The kicker? The wager surrounds the verdict of the Tim Curley/Gary Schultz trial set to begin in January.

He released a statement about the offer from on Monday.

“If Tim Curley and Gary Schultz, the two former Penn State administrators who are facing allegations of perjury and failing to report child abuse, are convicted of all the charges currently against them, then I will personally pay $10,000 to that media member’s child abuse charity of choice,” said Ziegler. “If they are not convicted of all charges, the first media member who takes this challenge will agree to either do a major story on how we were right, or pay the website $10,000 to be used on our next project.”

He also noted that “since the media seems extremely confident that Curley and Schultz are in fact guilty and because supporting efforts to combat child abuse is something everyone can get behind, I would think that members of the news media will be very eager to take this challenge.”

But Ziegler doubts that anyone will take him up on his offer. “I know full well there’s no chance in the world that anyone in the media is going to take us up on this, but it exposes them for the frauds that they are.” Ziegler said on Kevin Slaten’s radio show earlier this week.

Frauds? That hurts, Mr. Ziegler.

In any case, if you’re part of a major media entity (looking at you Deadspin) and are up for some high-stakes, charitable, Penn State scandal-style gambling, contact John Ziegler at [email protected].

Here’s Ziegler’s video, which is…well…you just have to watch it for yourself.

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