How to Enjoy an Away Game in Happy Valley

That’s right, no football at Beaver Stadium this weekend. Don’t worry though, there’s still plenty of great ways to enjoy your gameday Saturday even with the Lions traveling to Virginia.


Head to your nearest watering hole to enjoy the game with some of your friends. It might be the closest experience to the madness that ensues inside the stadium, except everyone will be more drunk instead of complaining about their lost buzz. And, like anytime you decide to hit the town, make sure you check the specials.

Host a Gameday Party

Sure, it requires a little more work, but it’s worth it. Fire up the grill (outdoor or Foreman) and bust out the lawn games for a gameday cookout. Maybe burn a CD with all of the standard tracks to play during commercial breaks. While you’re at it, why not stand for the whole game? Make it real official.



Head to Campus

If you know anyone who still has a portable radio, hang lay out on the Old Main lawn, soak up some rays, and listen to the game. Bring the frisbee or the hackey sac to stay active during the broadcast. College life at its best.

For the Superstitious Fan

I would venture to guess that most students know a family member who, at one time or another, decides to not watch or listen to a game in the hopes that their team will win. I don’t know how this would help, but if you decide to try it, then you’ll need something to keep your mind at ease. This weekend Tussey Mountain will be home to the Hardcore Mudd Run. If you’re up for some extreme physical activity and don’t mind a little dirt, then this could be for you.

What are your away game rituals? Let us know below.

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