Calling All American Idiots: Green Day to Play BJC

The punk rockers that polluted our childhood then sold out just as it dawned on us that life is about selling out, Green Day, is booked to bring their powerhouse act to the Bryce Jordan Center on Friday, January 11, 2013.

Just as that shitty, “Oh Love,” song was getting played to hell on radio rotation, the West Coast punks announced that they would be releasing a trilogy of albums that are going to cut with the teenie-bopper shit in place for a new, lean-cut rock sound.

Luckily enough for Penn State, the tour that will be bringing Green Day to Happy Valley next semester shares the same title as their soon-to-be released work–UNO, DOS, TRE!

Does that mean the three-piece will be rocking out throwback jams from Nimrod, Insomniac and Dookie? Will their set be a bare-bones punk brawl like I had always imaged when I first saw the video for “Longview” on MTV?

That may just be wishful thinking, but if I shell out $52 for a floor seat, I’m going to be pissed if Green Day panders to the assholes who’ve only listened to “American Idiot” or know the band’s discography from Green Day: Rock Band for the Wii.

Tickets go on sale this Friday at 10am and you’ll receive a free digital copy of the band’s first release from the trilogy, “Uno,” with your purchase.

If anyone wants to plan a punk-ass tailgate before seeing Green Day complete with 40s, graffiti, illicit drugs, and belligerence; hit me up on Twitter at @evanponter.

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