Lion Ambassadors Start “Moving Forward”

Lion Ambassadors are stepping up their game.

The backwards-walking tour guides will now be able to save their voices because they will now  be equipped with transmitter/receiver systems during tours, according to Lion Ambassador President Logan Cawley.

Cawley said that Admissions evauluates their operations every five years to try and solve any outstanding issues with campus tours, and being able to hear guides correctly was one of the frequent complaints.

“One major problem that has plagued tour guides, especially since the size of tour groups continue to grow with Penn State’s popularity, is effectively communicating to all participants on the tour,” he said.

Cawley said Admissions implemented the use of a transmitter/reciever system to promote a more informative tour. Lion Ambassadors, Lion Scouts, and SMART guides will all use the technology as they show their groups Penn State’s beautiful campus.

But what does this mean for the signature backwards walking ways of the Ambassadors? While the new technology has changed the campus tours, Cawley said guides will still be looking over their shoulders as they talk to their groups.

“Guides will be walking forwards at certain points to give tour groups a better opportunity to observe the campus without focusing on the safety of the guides, but you will most certainly still see guides walking backwards,” he said.

Despite the “distinct change,” Cawley said tour guides and tour participants alike have enjoyed the new experience in its initial stages.

Lion Ambassadors and tour information can be found here.

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