Greek Sing Kicks Off in Alumni Hall

If you like dancing, Greek Life, and a combination of the two, make sure that you attend the Greek Sing Kick Off Party today. Starting at 6:45 P.M in Alumni Hall, members from participating Greek organizations will be providing a sneak peak into their performances.

Since the 2012 Greek Sing is just around the corner, the Kick Off Party is the perfect way to get into the spirit. Each pairing and/or triad will perform a 1-1:30-minute song. After the snippets of dancing, the panel of judges will select the top three.

Unfortunately, Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are too busy fighting each other to show up.

Each organization also gets twenty seats in the audience for their Greek Sing chairs and members. All participating teams must sport their letters.

I remember, wayyyy back when, three years ago, when my sorority’s interpretation of Mamma Mia took the judges by storm and won first place in the short performance category. Granted, I was in the back left corner covered by all the good dancers, it was still a great experience.

So good luck to the dancers and start stretching your legs and practicing your flips!

Check out the Facebook Page for more information about this party and Greek Sing in general.

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