Help Penn State Students Earn Up to 25 GB of Free Cloud Storage

Hey Penn State: sign up for Dropbox and help everyone with a PSU Webmail account earn up to 25 gigabytes of free online file hosting space.

Dropbox — a cloud storage service that ordinarily offers two gigabytes of free space — launched “The Great Space Race” yesterday, an eight week campaign that allows colleges and their students to earn up to 25 gigabytes of extra Dropbox space, free for two years. To get free, extra online storage space, each college has to earn a certain number of points toward different storage space milestones: 8, 15, and then 25 gigabytes.

Each college’s students can earn points toward their school’s total by first signing up (1 point) and then completing the “Get Started” checklist (2 points). Penn State is currently sitting at 841 points, about 4500 points away from the first milestone of eight gigabytes. That means we get the default three extra gigabytes for anyone that signs up with their Webmail address, which is still a pretty solid number.

That said, here are the top five as of last night:

  1. National University of Singapore
  2. MIT
  3. Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa
  4. Carnegie Mellon
  5. University of California, Berkeley

Each of these schools has scored between 9000-15000 points, so we’re pretty far behind. Granted, the “Great Space Race” not a competition among schools — unless you want to make it one — but we can definitely do better than a measly 800 points. We have tens of thousands of undergrads, graduate students, and faculty with Penn State email accounts, so I’d say that we have a pretty good shot at reaching at least a few of these storage space milestones.

Sign up here — and if you already use Dropbox, verify your account with your PSU email. Penn State, I know you can dominate online voting competitions. We have eight weeks; let’s at least get on the leaderboard, yeah?

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