Day: October 22, 2012

Jordan Hill and Kyle Carter Win Conference Awards

After dominating Iowa on Saturday several Penn State players picked up honors for their performances.

Penn State Asks for a Delay in McQueary Lawsuit

Attorneys for Penn State filed a Motion to Stay earlier today, asking for the judge to delay the Mike McQueary whistleblower lawsuit until after the Curley/Schultz trial has concluded.

Proposed Bill to Increase Drinking Fines

In an attempt to crackdown on alcohol related crime in college towns, a bill has passed through the Pennsylvania senate that would increase the maximum fines for public drunkenness and underage drinking violations. Learn more about the legislation after the jump.

Penn State is Going to the Moon

A Penn State team is working in a contest from Google to send a space craft to the moon before 2015. I can't believe this isn't like, huge news - but it's been happening since 2011. They have students and Penn State advisers working together to send the Lunar Lion to the moon - except landing on the surface isn't enough! Read more to find out what the Lunar Lion is.

Game Day Observations: Iowa

In all my years of attending Penn State games, I’ve seen my fair share of great victories, and I’ve also seen my fair share of crushing defeats. But never have I seen a Penn State team go into another Big Ten team’s stadium in primetime and absolutely demolish its opponent. That’s exactly what I saw Saturday night at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City. Here’s what I took away from the incredible atmosphere.

10 Don’ts for Halloween Costumes

Halloween is upon us, and that means college students everywhere are figuring out what they're going to dress up as. A lot goes into this decision, but before you finalize your outfit here's a few things that you don't want to do.

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