Month: October 2012

Injured Cheerleader Paige Raque Making Progress

Paige Raque, the Penn State Varsity Cheerleader who suffered serious injuries as a result of the fall from a 5th-story window on October 15, is still in the hospital recovering from her accident.

Schreyer Dean Christian Brady Shaves For Movember

Dean Christian Brady has just recently lost his mustache after shaving it off at a “shaving party” in Atherton Hall last night at 6:30 p.m. We have all been very attentive to the fact that this month has been about raising awareness and money for the treatment of breast cancer, and now it’s time broaden that awareness to another form of cancer. Brady, along with team members Steven Bookbinder, Ben Stewart, James Halpin, Melissa Doberstein, and Erhan Selvi have decided to work together in hopes of raising funds and attention for prostate cancer treatment and research. This has been a big moment in history for Brady, claiming that he has lived a fulfilling life with his beard/mustache for a remarkable twenty years. The beard was said to have stayed on due to the fact that his kids would stop conversing with him if he lost it.

Top 10 Songs I Want to See “The Boss” Perform

Getting ready for the Springsteen concert tomorrow? So are we. Here’s a few songs we hope to see the Boss perform at the Bryce Jordan Center.

Small Fire Breaks Out at Irving’s

A small fire broke out in the kitchen at Irving’s bagel café at about 9:00 p.m. Tuesday evening. Local firefighters quickly arrived at the scene and blocked off a section of College Avenue for over 30 minutes.

Tag Yourself in a High-Res Beaver Stadium Photo

Allow me to introduce you to the coolest thing you’ll see all day.

For the 107,818 fans that were at the football game on Saturday, Penn State created a Gigapan panorama that makes everything in the stadium a high resolution image. Fans are encouraged to zoom in and tag themselves in the stands. Play around with it for awhile — it’s really incredible how clear everything is.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Playing in the HUB Tonight

For all you science fiction and horror fans out there, The Rocky Horror Picture Show will be playing in Alumni Hall in the HUB tonight at 9 p.m. It’s the perfect way to celebrate Halloween in a more laid back way than repeating last weekend’s festivities and foreshadowing for this weekend.

Four Classic Halloween Pranks

Looking for a way to trick your friends or get some revenge. Check out our list of Halloween pranks and let the festivities begin!

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