Day: November 14, 2012

Auditor General Jack Wagner Calls for BOT Reform

Pennsylvania Auditor General Jack Wagner held a press conference this morning in Harrisburg to call for Penn State reform on the state level, specifically on the Board of Trustees.

Wagner released a 124-page report to outline his proposed reforms, the most significant of which would be removing President Erickson as a voting member from the Board of Trustees.

Students to Run Philly Half-Marathon to Benefit THON

On November 18, Team Hope, consisting of 6 current Penn State students and 2 recent graduates, will start dead last in the Philly Half-Marathon and will gain a THON donation for every single person they pass on the way.

Denny’s Presents Hobbit-Themed Menu

I know what you’re thinking -- FINALLY. When I first heard Denny’s had come out with a Hobbit themed menu I went through several emotions all at once: shock, disbelief, disgust, and then something I can only describe as morbid curiosity. I’m a huge fan of Tolkein’s work so I figured I should at least look at the menu to see if it was worth checking out. At first glance the array of options, complete with pumpkin pancakes no less, was quite impressive. So, I put my game face on and gathered up my very own traveling companions: Katie Blitz, Meghin Moore, and Laurel Petrulionis. Below is the recap of our very own “Unexpected Journey” (lol Hobbit puns).

Distraction of the Day: Penn State YouTube Gems

In this week's distraction of the day column, we checked out a few of the 651 videos uploaded to the Penn State's YouTube profile. There are a variety of videos that are educational, funny and just plain awkward. If you were ever approached on the street and asked a bunch of questions, here are the videos that might be your time to shine in the spotlight.

Student Activity Fee Board to Discuss Voting Membership

At Friday's Student Activity Fee Board meeting, voting member and UPUA Chairman Spencer Malloy motioned to form a subcommittee to discuss membership of the board, and more specifically, the voting status of the University Park Allocation Committee chair. UPAC is an organization comprised of University Park students that works to allocate a portion the student activity fee funds that we all pay separate from our tuition.

O’Brien Focused on Indiana as Questions About Future Loom

After the final two games of the season conclude, several questions surrounding transfers, recruiting, a walk-on program, and Bill O'Brien's future will begin to set in. For now, the head coach has chosen to dismiss most of those inquiries, making it clear that he wants to focus on Saturday's contest against Indiana.

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