First Night State College Returns Tomorrow

Alcohol is a wonderful thing: the cause and salve of all man’s problems. However, one does not always need alcohol to have fun. Downtown State College is certainly in agreement with this statement, as the local event known as “First Night” can attest to. First Night is a big alcohol-free celebration of the past year and a fun way to ring in the new one. On December 31st you can witness ice carvers sculpting, kettle corn popping, little kids parading, and other holiday-themed entertainment.

If you happen to be back in State College and don’t know what to do for New Year’s, First Night is always a good start. Here’s just a taste of what First Night can offer, with links for more details:

If you want a richer (and warmer) experience this New Year’s you can purchase a First Night button for $10. Similar to the Arts Fest buttons, these pins are an “all access pass” to any of the indoor activities including concerts and other performances. The music genres this year vary and include rock, jazz, bluegrass, and traditional Celtic.

For a more in depth list of all the First Night activities check out its website.

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Catie is a junior majoring in Human Development and Family Studies. She's also the resident townie and culinary enthusiast due to a brief stint at the CIA (the culinary school not the secret government agency). She currently works at a Baby Temperament Lab on campus where she tries to get babies to do dangerous things. She's also on the twitter.


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