Penn State Gets Sylly in New “I’m Shmacked” Video

If you’re into watching YouTube videos of parties…you know…instead of actually partying, I’m Shmacked has released a three-minute video from sylly week at Penn State that’s sure to feed your fix.

With dizzying shots of a sold-out Levels Nightclub, familiar frat party footage, and cameos by an assortment of belligerent students who you probably have a class with; the Syllabus Week 2.0 mini-movie is a testament to the rage-face mentality of Dear Old State. Despite taking a plunge in the party school rankings in recent years, I’m Shmacked’s video proves that Penn State’s still got it.

Banal shots of State College scenery (like inside the Student Bookstore or some shitty film effect on a pan of the Corner Room), plus Kanye West’s “Theraflu” serving as the soundtrack, kind of degrade the appeal of the video for me. They even included a shot of the still-intact Joe Paterno statue, which caused quite a buzz in the comments section. Even though Penn State is keeping it real, I’m Shmacked’s film quality is all around pretty whack.

Syllabus Week 2.0 is, without a doubt, toxic to our collective future employment. But thankfully some chick gives a shout-out to THON, showing the giving spirit of the Penn State student body in between images of awkward white-girl-wasted dance moves and spilling red Solo cups.

What did you think of I’m Shmacked’s syllabus week video?

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