Distraction of the Day: Weather Puppy

Hey, State College residents: if you thought yesterday’s freezing weather was a one-day occurrence, I’m sorry to break it to you — it’s going to continue to be effing cold until early next week. Fortunately, we here at Onward State have found the perfect solution to your weather-related misery: Weather Puppy, an app that pairs your forecast with a corresponding puppy.

Weather Puppy Bobby 1

Instead of using your generic weather apps to check how awful your walk to class will be, you can use Weather Puppy and “OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT ADORABLE PUPPY IN A SWEATER OMG OMG IT’S F*CKING SIX DEGREES OUT BUT OMG PUPPY.”

Pretty neat, right? Instead of arriving to class frozen, windswept, and depressed, you can check Weather Puppy first and show up to your class all the way across campus frozen, windswept, and in high spirits. Your friends will complain to you about how shitty the weather is and you can just be like, “Uhh, I have Weather Puppy. It’s not that bad.”

Unfortunately, Weather Puppy is only available on the iPhone or an iOS device, though, according to the app’s website, it will be “available on Android soon.” In the meantime, if you don’t have an iPhone, no Weather Puppy for you. Sorry.

For those of you with an iOS device, though, Weather Puppy is a free download and is partnered with 15 non-profits and animal shelters across the country, including the Pennsylvania SPCA. Basically, you get to cheer yourself up with free pictures of cute puppies and you can help out a few great causes — what’s not to like?

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