MasquerAIDS 2013 Celebrates “The Circle of Life”

Like the Lion King song we all know and love, the Penn State Thespians will celebrate “The Circle of Life” with their presentation of MasquerAIDS 2013, a cabaret of sorts, benefiting the Centre County AIDS Project. The Circle of Life theme, the brain child of choreographer Devon Fields, uses song, dance, and acting to showcase many of life’s most exciting and challenging milestones. The Circle of Life plays at Heritage Hall on Thursday at 7:00 p.m.

Many aspects of life, which we all look back at with a mixture of fondness and exasperation, will be represented, such as that awkward middle school phase to first kisses and the pangs of heartbreak. The Circle of Life will also explore milestones we have yet to experience, such as marriage, mid-life crisis, and, of course, death.

Despite the serious topic matter, it isn’t a downer, assured Nicole Suder, MasquerAIDS 2013 chairperson. Suder said that though life ends with death, the show does not end with death. Instead, as the theme suggests, it brings everything full circle.

Like the cast, MasquerAIDS 2013 will be a mixture of diverse interests, showing talents of actors, singers, dancers, and a pit orchestra to convey a message of connectedness. The entire production collaborated on the set list.

Like in the Penn State Thespian’s past ten years of MasquerAIDS shows, this year’s will raise money for the Centre County AIDS Project, both with money from ticket sales and a silent auction comprised of donations from downtown businesses. The Centre County AIDS Project helps those suffering from HIV/AIDS get the medical help and assistance they need. The funding from MasquerAIDS 2013 will go toward the organization’s educational programs.

Tickets will be available at the door, $3.00 for students and $4.99 for members of the community.

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