Bump! Bump! Goes 7 Hump Wump

“Kicking this charity into high gear with some rock n’ rock,” 7 Hump Wump paid homage to the alternative scene with crunchy guitar riffs, raspy vocals, and drums that rattled the rafters on par with the hoards of eccentric THONers.

The grungey, Colorado-based, three-piece broke with the conventional cover band motif that Penn State is used to with local acts like Go Go Gadget and My Hero Zero. Instead of flaunting top-40 hits and the singles that get over-played on Pandora, 7 Hump Wump electrified the colorful crowd with noisey alt-rock straight out of the 90’s and early 2000’s.

The trio pulled tracks from sources ranging from the unknown discography of Barenaked Ladies (Not “One Week”) to classic Dave Mathews Band bar favorites to the funk of Stevie Wonder to back woods, windows-down-in-the-pickup-truck country music to the beachy groove of Sublime. They even recruited the soulful pipes of a female vocalist for a cover of “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor.

With wily guitar solos, vocal harmonization between all three members of the band and a high-energy stage performance, 7 Hump Wump set the tone for a rockin’ weekend.

7 Hump Wump THON

7 Hump Wump cover of Vertigo by U2:

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