Club Profile: Irish Society

True story. When THON ends on Sunday, it will be one month until Saint Patrick’s Day (the real one). So who’s better to interview than the Penn State Irish Society?

Onward State: Why does the Irish Society THON?
Irish Society: Why does everyone THON? We’ve all had cancer affect us at some point. We have a THON family.

OS: How many dancers do you have? What are their names?
IS: Two. They’re Bridget and John.

OS: Those are very Irish names.

OS: How many supporters are in the stands?
IS: It varies from five to ten club members.

OS: How much money did the Irish Society raise for THON?
IS: Our THON chairs are the dancers. They would know.

OS: How do you stand out during THON Weekend?
IS: Our shirts are bright colors. We have flags behind us. We have big leprechaun hats. That sets us apart from everyone else.

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I am a staff writer for Onward State. I graduated as a Nittany Lion with Honors in 2013. Now, I am back in Happy Valley to earn a degree at the Penn State Law. Outside of politics and government, my interests include college football, soccer, Irish history, and astronomy.


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