Dancers React to the 2013 Line Dance

As the BJC crowd begins to get a grasp (well, maybe not everyone) on this year’s Line Dance, we heard what a few of the committee members, org members and spectators thought of it. However, we wanted to get the dancer’s opinions on the new Line Dance, as they are the ones who will be doing it all weekend. While the favorite reference or line greatly varies, there is a common theme of appreciated simplicity that puts this year’s dance above the last.

  • “It’s slower and so much easier to learn. The moves make sense when you compare them with the words,” – Nicole Symeonides & Perri Hammershlag, Lionettes.
  • “Super fun. It really loosens me up. I’d say my favorite part of the Line Dance is the part about the replacement refs,” – Joel Smith, Alpha Zeta.
  • “I love it! There are a lot of stretches It’s very straight forward and there are less moves to do. The chorus is the best part because it is the most fun, especially the ‘What? This is Penn State,’ part,” – Alyssa Cohen & Olivia Garbett, Best Buddies.
  • “I am loving this year’s Line Dance! I really like the chorus because I actually know it, but my favorite part overall is when we go ‘Woo! Woo!,'” – Sabrina Kristobak, Ski Team (shoutout to my baby cuz).
  • “It is really easy to learn, so it causes less stress as a dancer. My favorite part is not having to do ‘Gangnam Style,'” – Carolyn Whipple, Independent Dancer.
  • “This year’s Line Dance is really cool, and it is a lot easier compared to last year’s. My favorite part is the Rick Ross line,” – Ryan Gimuriman, Sigma Pi.
  • “I didn’t know last year’s Line Dance, but I like the ‘Nittany Lions’ part in the chorus. The Line Dance keeps me awake,” – Lesley Li, Chinese Students & Scholars Association.
  • “This year’s Line Dance is way easier; the movements are a lot simpler. They incorporated a lot of things that [we] didn’t expect to be in it; there were a lot of surprises. The best part is the Wobble,” – Juliana Lustig & Lauren Raymond, Alpha Phi.
  • “I love this year’s Line Dance. It is a lot less complicated than last year’s. My favrite part is the Rick Ross ‘HUH.’ I have an inside joke with my friends about that, so it’s really funny,” – Pat Lafferty, Ohana.
  • “It’s hard. I have never had to learn a Line Dance before, so it’s really difficult to remember all of it. However, I like the part about Obama winning a second term,” – Bryan Scheetz, Society of Engineering Science.
  • “I love it! Last year’s was too fast, but this year’s is the perfect speed. I love the Rick Ross line. It’s the only part I have completely learned,” – Sam Hayden, Chi Omega.
  • “This year’s Line Dance is really cool; it isn’t quite as complicated to learn. The best part is definitely ‘Call Me Maybe.’ It’s one of my top five favorite songs,” – Erin Donnelly, Sigma Alpha.

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