10 Unique Hats You’ll Find at THON

What would THON fashion be without some fun head gear?

So far, most the hats of THON that we’ve seen have been creative and entertaining, and they somehow make committees and individuals stand out among the endless array of colorful t-shirts, tutus and props that fill the crowd.

Whether you sport them for your THON committee or see the advantage these caps hold for hiding/maintaining your sweaty (and soon to be unwashed hair) from all this dancing, your hats didn’t go unnoticed.

We’ve managed to catch some of the most creative and outlandish hats from THON participants out on the concourse.


Photo: Christina TenutaOPP: Benegizer Bunnies 

It’s impossible to miss these fluffy bunny hats. They seem to be multiplying like, well, rabbits.

THON hats 2Ohana

These little fishies are no strangers to THON. What would this hat list be without the classic Ohana fish.

THON HATS 3OPP: Caterpillars 

This OPP committee went with personalized hard hats for their committee leader, complete with pipe cleaner antennas.



Like the Ohana fish hats, THON would be a little less complete without seeing these oh so familiar pink, fuzzy caps.

THON HATS 6 Penn State Harrisburg Campus

This kid is having the time of his life sporting his chicken head hat.

THON HATS 7Donor & Alumni Relations

These guys really brought their A game to THON. He’s classing it up with a formal black top hat, a look only complete with her orange tie.

THON HATS 9OPP: HillScheirer Farmers

The OPP committees are no strangers to perfectly accessorizing their punny committee names.

THON HATS 10Pillar: Straw Hat

Not the only straw hat out there, but definitely one of the most stylish. His pals are also rocking the classic baseball caps, a style that will never go out of fashion here at THON.

THON HATS 11OPP: Keep Calm and Carrigan On

More than happy to pose for their picture, these guys were more like the jesters of the court, not the king. They win my vote for most noticeable hat at THON.

THON HATS 12Club Lacrosse 

Although he’s wearing this completely individually, this kid wins major points for creativity with his homemade Penn State cowboy hat.

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