High Prices At THON Concessions

As unique as THON is, there is one part of it that is all too familiar:  absurdly high prices at the concession stands. That fact paired with the strict no outside food allowed in the BJC makes for a formidable situation for everybody’s wallets.

Some examples of the pricing:

  • A one-liter bottle of water costs $5
  • A bottle of Gatorade costs $4
  • A slushie costs $4
  • A THON size drink costs $5 although the refills for this is $2

Even the line for the water fountain is at least a five minute wait.  Apparently everybody is very thirsty here at THON.

This really only leaves the option of sneaking in your own food, but this is only for the risk takers. God only knows what will happen if they catch you (you’ll have to throw out the food or eat it on the spot before you go in).

Before you start complaining, you should know that THON doesn’t control the prices and 20 percent of the profits from the concession stands goes to THON.

Plus as an added bonus, they take LionCash+ AND MEAL POINTS. That’s right, they take MEAL POINTS. The only time you’ll regret this is when you are completely out of meal points at the end of the semester. YOLO (we’re over that).

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