Day: February 22, 2013

Jake Corman Fires Back at the NCAA

State Senator Jake Corman has been one of the most ardent supporters to keep the $60 million NCAA fine inside Pennsylvania state lines.

So after The NCAA filed a lawsuit against Governor Tom Corbett and other state officials saying that they are acting illegally in trying to tamper with the NCAA consent decree, Corman, expectedly, was not pleased.

College Republicans and Democrats Talk Guns

The College Republicans and College Democrats came together last night to talk about a hot topic both in Washington, and nation-wide. In the wake of some of the most tragic and deadly shootings in America, gun control debates are raging across the country, and for about an hour or so, Penn State had our very own in 073 Willard.

Alternative Activities on State Patty’s Day

For those who have chosen to ignore State Patty's this year, there are a number of other activities and events (other than Skate Patty's Day) that are happening on Saturday. It's almost as if the some people want to stop State Patty's from happening.

The Fracket Bible

Everything you'll ever need to know about which jacket to wear to a frat, and how to protect that jacket.

Just Another Senior Sick of State Patty’s

I may wear a green hat this weekend. I may not. I may have my first drink before noon (let's do Jameson on the rocks). I may not. But you bet your ass I'm going to get drunk. Not because it's some made-up Irish drinking holiday. Because I'm a college student with a bad case of senioritis and it's the weekend.

Just Another Freshman Psyched for State Patty’s

An argument could be made that I am a bad Penn Stater. Admittedly, I have not attended a single sporting event in my freshman year. Even this past weekend I found myself tossed amid the student body minority not queuing up outside the BJC at all hours. I’d like to defend myself, however. I attend classes, participate in various groups around campus, and, of course, I like to let loose when the weekend rolls around. Actually, I like to let shit hit the fan. So, State Patty’s? I’m interested.

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