Penn State Spills Its Guts

Someone cue Usher, because we are Penn State and apparently, we are bursting with secrets.

Forget barbers or manicurist, it appears that Penn State has found a new way to confess their deepest, darkest, drunkest secrets: Social Media. Over the course of this year alone, Penn State has seen a rise in media outlets aimed that focus on posting secrets or confessions. It appears as though we, as a student body, have more problems and “haven’t even started real life yet” crises for just one of these types of social media sites.

First, there was Whisper on PSU, an iPone App that allows students or citizens residing in the State College area to generate their own meme-like pictures under an anonymous alias. Only, instead of a snarky or witty caption, allows you to caption the picture of your choosing with your very own personal secret. And as if that is not enough to keep you occupied during your class, you can also “like” and respond to other people’s posted secrets.

But now, Penn State is seeing the birth of another type of Internet therapy. Over the last few weeks, a Facebook page and Twitter account have popped up debuting PSU Confesses. Instead of creating your oun account and posting your secrets, PSU Confesses allows you to send secrets to their account where they then post them for you. It is basically the much simpler, watered down younger brother of the Whisper on PSU App. Like the Whispers App, PSU Confesses operates on complete anonymity by altering the names of the accounts that have submitted a confession.

PSU Confesses is still relatively new and there are only a handful of juicy secrets. Nevertheless, many of their tweets are solid gold. In order to celebrate our new form of therapy, we’ve chosen our five favorite confessions posted so far.




If you have a confession that you are itchin’ to get out, send your PSU Confessions here.

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