Students No Longer Have To Pay Parking Fines With Spare Change/Buttons/Lint

I’m a pretty law abiding citizen when I drive any motor vehicle: I don’t speed, drive drunk, or run red lights.

But, like most people, I sometimes make mistakes.

Unfortunately Penn State is extremely keen on benefiting from these mistakes, as anyone who has ever been a minute or so late to their car only to see a neon orange parking ticket stuck to their windshield will tell you. Let’s be honest, meter maids have a sixth sense when it comes to ticketing.

However, it is now easier than ever to pay those tickets and fines — Penn State is now accepting credit cards and LionCash for payment.

These methods are vastly more convenient than their previous “cash only” policy, and can be used for more than just fines. Parking passes and permits are also now available for purchase with either plastic card of your choice.

Penn State is also looking into the future, and currently has a plan to introduce an online parking system, including fancy new gadgets like automated parking meters. This would definitely be handy in avoiding any nasty tickets, regardless of how easy it is to pay them now.

You can get parking passes and pay your fines at the Eisenhower Parking Deck, and to find more creative ways to spend your hard earned LionCash, check out our post.

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