Hearing Scheduled for Curley, Schultz, and Spanier

by Laura Nichols

At long last, Graham Spanier will see the inside of a courtroom.

Three former Penn State administrators are going back to court, months after their original court date. They’ll have a preliminary hearing at 9 a.m. on July 29 and 30 and on Aug. 1, if necessary.

Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, and Graham Spanier were supposed to have a preliminary hearing in December, but it was indefinitely postponed.

On Nov. 1, the men were charged with perjury, endangering the welfare of children, failure to report, criminal conspiracy and obstruction of justice for their role in allegedly concealing reports of Jerry Sandusky’s child sex abuse. Former Attorney General Linda Kelly called their actions a “conspiracy of silence.”

The men have asked a judge to dismiss their charges because they say they were deprived of attorney-client privilege when former Penn State general counsel Cynthia Baldwin testified before a grand jury while she represented Curley, Schultz and Spanier.

Spanier most recently requested a judge modify his bail for a third time. He wants to be able to travel abroad, which he was banned from doing. A judge previously allowed him to travel within the continental U.S. so long as he provides an itinerary. Spanier also wants to be able to travel without having to tell the court details of his trip beforehand.

A judge has not ruled on Spanier’s request.

The preliminary hearing will be held in Courtroom 1 of the Dauphin County Courthouse in Harrisburg.

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