State College Brew Expo Hops Back Into Town

If you consider yourself to be a fan of beer you might want to pull your bar stool a little closer and listen up.

The annual State College Brew Expo is back for their 15th anniversary, this Saturday, August 17th at Tussey Mountain. This means live music, instructional seminars, and beer, beer, BEER.

Many State College home brewers who make their own beer from the confines of their garage, basement, or kitchen will be getting in on the action.

While you treat yourself by enjoying some hoppy goodness you can also educate yourself at the two seminars being held this year. The first talk of the night features Matt Allyn from Voodoo Brewery about the magic that is bourbon. He’ll talk about how barrel aging gives bourbon it’s distinctive flavor profile, and might possibly hand out some free samples *fingers crossed*.

The second seminar is a time slot that has been allotted to voicing the results of the home brewery competition. Professional brewers from Otto’s, the Gamble Mill, and Elk Creek will be judging the results and deciding which home brew is the best.

All of the activities will be set to the musical ambiance of Bronze Radio Return, SHAKE! SHAKE! SHAKE!, and Ted McCloskey and the Hi-Fi’s (who I’m no longer allowed to watch due to fangirling too hard).

Tickets are on sale now and run $40 a pop, but don’t let the price discourage you: it’s for a good cause. All proceeds of the State College Brew Expo go towards Penn State’s Coaches v.s. Cancer. Hence the brew expo slogan “Good Beer, Great Music, Great Cause!”

However there are several disclaimers scattered throughout the expo website about drinking responsibly, so keep it classy Penn State, and have one for us.

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