Multiple Sandusky Settlements in Closing Stages

More than a year after Jerry Sandusky’s criminal trial, some of those who say they were sexually abused by the former Penn State defensive coordinator are getting closer to finally settling their civil suits with Penn State.

Michael Boni, one of a number of attorneys representing a total of 11 claimants seeking private settlements from the university, said he is very close to resolving the claims in at least 10 of those cases. Boni represents the person identified as “Victim 1” in the original grand jury report, later identified as Aaron Fisher, as well as other claimants not identified in the grand jury report.

“We are only a couple days away,” Boni said. “The material terms have been agreed [as well as] the amount of money and the settlement structure. It’s down to the finer points of the language of the agreement.”

University Spokesman David La Torre said via email that while the university is continuing its progress on the multiple settlements, it does not have a comment any further at this time.

Other reports are saying that the person identified as “Victim 5” in the grand jury report has come close to reaching a multimillion-dollar settlement with Penn State as a result of the case, his attorney Tom Kline said. Kline said his client did not want to comment on the case, but is “relieved”.

The Philadelphia Inquirer says this is the first of 26 cases that will be settled in the coming week. Kline could not immediately be reached for comment.

Penn State has approved spending up to $60 million to settle cases with Sandusky’s victims.

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