Ron Swanson, Red Meat, and Romantic Love

After walking on stage shirtless to a round of applause, Nick Offerman put on American flag t-shirt and gave a stern “Good evening,” to begin his show.

Offerman, who’s more commonly known by the character he plays on NBC’s Parks and Rec Ron Swanson, is famous for his manliness, intense patriotism, hatred of vegetarians, and his epic mustache. The full house in Eisenhower on Friday night got to see a little bit of everything.

After he gave a crowd-pleasing monologue of “Hail to the Lion,” he explained his background in theatre at the University of Illinois and how it led to being “the luckiest son of a bitch in the room,” for being cast on Parks and Rec.

Last year when his agent told him he would be doing a tour, Offerman was taken back, claiming he was no comedian. So, he a wrote a show entitled “American Ham,” which included songs and his top 10 tips to lead a prosperous life.

The tips included things like “Eat red meat,” and, “Say please and thank you.” He also talked about his romantic personality and how he interacts with his wife of 10 years, actress Megan Mullally (best known as Karen on NBC’s Will and Grace).

He went on hilarious rants about the Bible, libertarianism, and equal rights. He talked about a time that he lived on a friend’s couch for three weeks straight playing Earthworm Jim and Banjo Kazooie. He even gave away a cooler full of snacks and signed memorabilia to a random member of the audience.

Although the crowd was in non-stop laughter, the tip that got the most reaction had to be about consuming intoxicants. Although he noted how great they can be, he mentioned, “If you’re gonna get stupid, be smart.” In addition, he said, “Twelve people with one beer is so much more fun than one person with twelve beers.”

Before he left the stage, Offerman had to say this, “Don’t do drugs. Stay in school. And, only watch Parks and Rec.”

Then, he finished the show by playing “5,000 Candles in the Wind,” made famous on Parks and Rec, as the crowd sang along, “Bye bye, Lil’ Sebastian.”

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