Raise Money for THON Without Leaving Your Couch

With the THON fundraising window scheduled to open in less than two weeks, organizations are in the midst of planning fundraising efforts for the upcoming donation season. However, if you don’t want to host a bake sale or stand out in the cold during a canning weekend, there is now a way to donate without even opening up your wallet.

Goodsearch.com, a Yahoo!-affiliated search engine, will donate a penny to THON for every search you make on the site. All you need to do to sign up is include your name and email address, and you can create a profile that tracks how much you have raised towards your charity of choice. Before you search, just choose THON from the list of over 100,000 charitable causes for your search to raise money for the kids.

You can raise money in more ways than searching, too. Goodsearch has an affiliated branch called GoodSurveys, which allows users to raise an average of one dollar per survey for THON. Another branch called Goodshop provides users with coupons towards online retailers, and each retailer will donate a percentage of your purchase to THON. Moral of the story: Since we all shop online, and at the very least search the web, there’s no reason not to raise money FTK while we do it!

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