Police Cruiser or Canyon Delivery Car?

Everyone panics just a little bit when they see a police car, if only for a split second. You could be doing nothing wrong, but the sight of that black and white Crown Vic is something most people don’t easily miss; the car gets your attention.

In State College, police cars are aren’t exactly a rare sight, but people usually remember when they’ve seen one. Whether it was in the Dorito church parking lot, on Locust Lane, driving down College Ave., or  while you were driving to State College, odds are you’ve seen the local 5-0 recently.

You may have noticed Canyon Pizza’s newest edition to its delivery fleet — an old police cruiser. You’ll remember seeing the “Canyon police car”, so you’ll remember Canyon Pizza, at least if the marketing strategy works out.

What started as a an Ohio lieutenant’s police car has now become the go-to delivery vehicle for Canyon Pizza. After purchasing the car at a police sale and stripping its of all the police decals and swapping a blue and red light bar for the Canyon Pizza sign, the car was ready for deliveries.

Taco, one of Canyon’s pizza chefs, says things quiet down just a little bit more when the police cruiser is parked out front, but for the most part, it hasn’t changed the Canyon atmosphere in the shop.

While on the road, delivery drivers have found that some cars will turn down random alley ways to get away from the Canyon delivery car because they thought it was an actual police car. Even some of the police get fooled by the car upon first glance, but for the most part, the State College police just think its funny.

If only every police car gave out pizzas instead of tickets, right?

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