THON Releases 2013 Fundraising Summary

If you’ve ever wondered exactly where THON’s 2013 total of $12,939,895.36 came from (and where those proceeds went after THON weekend ended), look no further. Last Friday, THON released its annual Summary of Fundraising Activities for the 2013 Fiscal Year, detailing where the donations came from, and where they go once THON weekend is over.

The almost $13 million dollar total is comprised of income that THON separates into four major categories: individual gifts, corporate gifts, THON Store revenue, and fundraising events. As you can see on the chart below, an incredible 83.3 percent of the donations fell in the category of “individual gifts,” totaling more than a whopping $10 million.


An incredibly efficient 95.89 percent of the funds were donated to THON’s only beneficiary, the Four Diamonds Fund. That leftover 4.11 percent took care of THON weekend costs like event management, development, and operations and administrative expenses. Which is especially impressive when you consider that most philanthropies only donate around 75 percent of their fundraising totals to their beneficiaries — and those aren’t even philanthropies run by students!

“The percentage of funds we donate truly does set us apart from both professional and student-run philanthropies,” said Finance Director Alex Snopko. “Maintaining this efficiency will always be a top priority for THON.”

These numbers are staggering, and they keep THON chugging along as the largest student-run philanthropy in the world. With numbers like these, we change and save lives of little heroes and their families every day. Every donation that makes up a piece of that pie chart gets us a little bit closer to a cure.

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