Police Find Marijuana Cereal Bars Downtown

It’s any parent’s nightmare as they send their children out for trick-or-treating — their child accidentally consuming manipulated treats or candy. The State College Police Department is also concerned, especially in light of this morning’s discovery.

A local resident found a Ziploc bag on the sidewalk of the 200 block of East College Avenue. Inside the bag were three homemade cereal bars, made of Captain Crunch and Fruity Pebbles cereal, wrapped in a single piece of tin foil, according to a media release.

After an investigation, it was found the bars tested positive for the presence of marijuana.  There are no suspects known at this time for lacing the homemade cereal bars.

Even though the stuff could have just been dropped by a student and not intended for trick-or-treating, police are cautioning parents to carefully check the candy and snacks brought home by children after trick-or-treating tonight.

“We recommend establishing a ‘Bring it Home First’ rule with their children. Examine everything, especially candy or homemade food that is not wrapped,” Police advised. “Look at the candy for texture and shape and throw out anything that is out of the ordinary.  Do this before letting the children consume any of the treats they have received for their safety.”

One question does remain — who would just pick up a Ziploc bag with a cereal bar in it and turn it into the police?

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Jessica Tully is a first-year law student at Penn State's Dickinson School of Law. She graduated in May 2014 with degrees in journalism and political science.


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