Month: October 2013

UPUA Adds ROTC Liaison Position

For the first time in quite a few weeks, UPUA was in complete agreement about all new business at its general assembly meeting last night. The meeting was quick, everything passed unanimously, and everyone was free to move on to their respective Halloween celebrations.

It’s Always Sunny in 111 Forum

Dennis, Dee, Mac, Charlie, and Frank are coming to 111 Forum this weekend with “The Nightman Cometh,” based on an episode of the show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”

Meet the THON 2014 Directors: Tom Bremer, Merchandise Director

In the most recent Meet the THON 2014 Directors post, we sat down with Merchandise Director Tom Bremer to discuss the role of the Merchandise Committee in THON.

Better Know a Branch Campus: Penn State DuBois

There are 24 campuses in the Penn State system. The one that gets the most attention is University Park, but what about the other 23? That’s where we come in with our newest 23 part series, Better Know a Branch Campus, inspired by Stephen Colbert’s Better Know a District. Next up: Penn State DuBois.

Penn State Research Team Aims to Prevent the Spread of Cancer

A new method being developed by Penn State researchers to monitor the spread of tumor cells could change the way doctors treat cancer patients.

New Brewpub Opens in Happy Valley

Centre County is no exception to the recent trend in local microbreweries. Locals and students alike can already enjoy the delicious craft beer offerings at Otto’s, The Gamble Mill, and Elk Creek Cafe. This past Sunday brought about the opening of another such establishment: The Happy Valley Brewing Company.

UPUA/IFC Hosts Student-Centered Borough Council Debate

Four State College Borough Council candidates participated in a UPUA and IFC sponsored debate last night in the HUB. In front of an audience consisting mostly of UPUA representatives, the four candidates vying for three seats debated issues students are facing for the upcoming November 5 election.

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