Better Know a Branch Campus: Penn State DuBois

There are 24 campuses in the Penn State system. The one that gets the most attention is University Park, but what about the other 23? That’s where we come in with our newest 23 part series, Better Know a Branch Campus, inspired by Stephen Colbert’s Better Know a District. Next up: Penn State DuBois.

Name: Penn State DuBois, the most DuBious branch campus in the Penn State system. Yes, that joke was terrible. No, I don’t care.

Chancellor: Dr. Melanie Hatch.

Enrollment: There are 704 undergraduates at DuBois, making it the fourth smallest branch campus in the Penn State system. You can fit every DuBois undergrad into 100 Thomas and still have room for 22 more people.

Location: DuBois, Pennsylvania. The school is 60 miles from State College, 102 miles from Pittsburgh, and 272 miles from Philadelphia. After Altoona, it is the closest branch campus to University Park.

Sports: DuBois competes in the Penn State University Athletic Conference. There are seven DIII teams at the school: men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s cross country, co-ed golf, wrestling, and women’s volleyball.

Fun Fact: As illustrated above, this is the only campus that lets you make a terrible DuBois/dubious joke. Also, DuBois featured classes that were used to train defense specialists in World War II.

History: DuBois officially became a Penn State campus in 1935, making it one of the older campuses in the Penn State system. It was known as the DuBois Center of The Pennsylvania State College, and featured four full-time professors and 42 students. The school officially became known as Penn State DuBois in 1959.

Right Now: The school offers six bachelor and nine associate degree programs, and employs 49 full-time faculty members. DuBois is also a commuter campus, although some students live in off-campus apartments near the campus.

Story Time: There were no story submissions this week, which is an unfortunate BKABC first. To make up for it, here is a video of a corgi looking at itself in the mirror for the first time. It’s precious.

Next Time: Penn State Erie, The Behrend College! It’s the largest branch campus, which means the most people go there, which means someone has to have a hilarious story of their time in one of the most depressing cities in America. Email them to me.

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