The 13 Strangest Penn State Products Sold at Walmart

No matter where you are on the planet, a trip to Walmart is usually an interesting experience. The State College Walmart — in this case, the one near the Megabus stop that most students frequent — is no different.

Sure, it has your Cheerios, Duck Dynasty DVDs, and solo cups just like every other Walmart. But the State College Walmart has two aisles dedicated to carrying just about every Penn State related item one could ever imagine. Don’t believe us? Here are the most unnecessary Penn State products available for purchase at Walmart:

1. This obnoxiously bedazzled iPhone case

IMG_14782. This wind up toy


 3. This Penn State gnome 


4.  This alternate Penn State gnome


5. This Nittany Lion blanket that will only keep your back, head, and half your hand warm


6. This air freshener


7. This over-priced pumpkin carving kit


8. These Nittany Lion loofas — because it is really not OK to be rubbing our mascot all over your body


9. Penn State knockoff Uggs


10. These mini-boxing gloves because they are perhaps the most useless thing to ever exist


11. These “luggage grabbers”


12. These exorbitantly expensive silly bandz


 13. While not Penn State related, this just by far is the most unnecessary Walmart product


Now you know. Those two aisles in the State College Walmart dedicated to cheap Penn State attire is a real treasure trove.

WE ARE! Not going to buy this.

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