Chiddy Bang: Mind Your Manners

Philadelphia based rapper Chiddy Bang took Alumni Hall by storm Friday night, performing both new and old songs in their free show hosted by Penn State’s Student Programming Association. The terrible weather didn’t keep students away as the line for the show snaked around the HUB before anyone was even let in. It was also evident that the cold weather didn’t stop anyone from preparing for the show in the typical Penn State fashion, as you could see University Police questioning several people before they even made it through the doors of Alumni Hall.


Though the show was set to begin at 10 p.m., Chiddy Bang didn’t hit the stage until almost 11 p.m., but the rowdy crowd didn’t hesitate to provide their own entertainment with “We Are” chants, crowd surfers, and your typical Zombie Nation. I also think I heard a rendition of “Hey Baby” right before the show began. After 45 minutes Chiddy finally hit the stage following a great “When I say Chiddy, you say Bang…” chant. Chiddy, minus his former partner, Noah “Xaphoon Jones” Beresin, kicked off the show with a song off of his latest album “Breakfast”.

Chiddy Bang

After shouting out to the crowd a bit, the concert rolled through some of Chiddy Bang’s lesser known songs, but not before the sounds awkwardly cut out at one point. In a typical venue this could have gone down hill fast, but the crowd didn’t hesitate to throw in another Zombie Nation chant while the “technical difficulties” were taken care of, and Chiddy was sure to tell the crowd how he “fucks with Penn State”, several times.


Chiddy closed out the show with a few of his biggest hits, “Opposite of Adults” and “Mind Your Manners” followed up with one of his new songs as students trickled out to continue their Friday night adventures. Overall the show was basically your typical rap show; a lot of shouting, awkward dancing from both the performer and the audience, and of course the performer talking about how they are going out after the show. One thing is pretty clear though, there definitely isn’t anyone out there like Chiddy Bang, so mind your manners.

Chiddy Bang

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